Grand Ridge Stud, formerly “Manna Park Arabians” is home to an Australian Crabbet Arabian Stud, and an Australian Stock Horse Stud. Named after the famous “Grand Ridge Road” the farm’s name is the epitome of the views. We have 360-degree views taking in Western Port Bay, Mount Baw Baw, and the Strezlecki Ranges.

Our Arabian Horses:

Our Arabian lines are predominately Australian crabbet, most of our mares have at least 3 generations of Australian crabbet breeding. We stick to the sound lines and the type we have liked for over 30 years: a saddle horse of great presence and beauty, with an exuberant personality, and a trainable intelligent mind. Our bloodlines include some of the greatest stallions bred in Australia in the 70s and 80s, prior to the influx of imports: Arim, Mildom, Bandom, Banderol,Ralvon Pilgrim, Tristram Selam, Chip Chase Sadaqua, Chip Chase Desert Wind, Cherokee Mecca, Sarafire, Ruberto, & Magic Carpet.

We aim to breed a horse of classic Arabian type; we feel what seem to be lacking in many modern purebreds is the huge dark eye, long necks and good correct legs and feet. We aim to produce beautiful Arabians exhibiting athleticism, fluid ground-covering movement and true Arabian type.

Our Australian Stock Horses:

Our Australian Stock Horses are of Foundation lines and selected for their workability and trainability, and overall type. Our mares carry the renowned performance lines of Elliots Creek Cadet, Intrepid Commander, Abbey and Warrenbri Romeo. With all of our horses, we aim for a well-conformed animal, with correct feet and legs of the utmost importance, as well as a good workable temperament, and a willing attitude.

Our geldings have been carefully selected as future drafting/stockman’s challenge prospects and all have proven performance lines such as Reality, Rivoli Ray, Abbey, Barona Hornet and Condamine Rembrandt.

Our Farm:

Our farm has been in Aaron’s family for almost 40 years, and is a renowned beef fattening property, annually running between 200 to 350 head of Black Angus cattle. It takes an exceptional stock-horse to muster in these hills, and our horses are used regularly for stockwork, rain, hail or shine.

The country, amongst the steepest grazing in Australia, is situated in the high rainfall district of the Strezlecki Ranges between Warragul and Korumburra. It is a combination of very steep terraced hills with valleys and gullies between. Centuries old stands of Mountain Ash and tree ferns fill the gullies. We also have plentiful water with seasonal creeks, a waterfall and 21 dams.

Our mare herd move and graze as nature intended, grazing on hilltops when weather is fine and when it changes, they seek the protection and shelter of the treed valleys. A mild climate year round and a 40-inch rainfall combine for the perfect ingredients for excellent pasture growth. Our soil is a rich deep chocolate, with predominant pastures being sweet vernal, rye, cocksfoot, and clover.

The steep terraced hillsides give our young horses the co-ordination and confidence they need from the moment they are on their feet. Our horses are incredibly sure-footed and bold moving from growing up on such rugged country.  Grazing the lush pasture year round on steep hills builds topline and provides natural bone and muscle development.

About Us:
Aaron Thege and Nicole Emanuel both have a love of horses from childhood. Aaron grew up riding and mustering cattle on the family farm in Gippsland,
and he is passionate about both the Arabian and the Australian Stockhorse, and he is a skilled rider and a talented horseman. Nicole’s first horses were an Australian Champion Campdrafter and an endurance bred gelding. She is a renowned Equine Photographer with a Best Selling Photographic Book, High on Horses, to her credit. The love of Arabians grew from an admiration of their presence, beauty, floating movement and superior intelligence.

We compete and show our horses in the showring, endurance, and stockman’s challenges.  We also participate in high country camping treks with our horses. This is not only invaluable for building a bond with your horse but also therapeutic and re-energizing for ourselves. Our two children, Rhys and Matilda, at this early stage also seem to enjoy their horses, and have a love of their farm and all the other animals!


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