Horses For Sale/SOLD

   "Midnight Sun" 

     b. 2011   Purebred colt
     (Midnight Shadow x Cedarwood Lodge Zayan)


This colt had a special prescence from the moment he was born, he has a lovely dishy head and well shaped neck, and is very correct. He is quite shy, yet has a gentle, relaxed nature. He also has the outstanding movement from his sire with springs on his feet and elevated action.

   "Grand Ridge Crossfire" 

     b. 2011   Purebred colt
     (Snow'n'Fire X Cameo Carillion)


Flashy dark bay colt with an exceptional nature, and very athletic with a compact strong body. Crossfire is friendly and bold with personality plus; this boy loves people and loves attention and like his sire promises to be an outstanding saddle horse.

   "Fire 'n' Ice" 

     b. 2010   Purebred filly
     (Snow'n'Fire X Jirrima Ultra Minx)


Athletic and correct chestnut sabino purebred filly with an unusual 'eagle' shaped marking on her off-side. With superb legs and feet, good straight movement, the rare 'blue' eye and a blonde mane and tail; this girl will be very striking!


   "Solitairey Dancer"

     b. 2009   Purebred filly
     (Lord Charles of Seven Oaks X 
     Inshallah Bay Solitaire)


A superb filly, our only precious foal for the season and she was worth the wait! A striking dark bay/brown with 4 white sox, she has huge eyes, a short dishy head, smooth, strong body and very good legs and feet. “Dancer” is our best foal yet, a bold athlete with attitude galore- and movement to burn.



     b. 2008    Purebred filly   Mature 15.1hh
    (Entity x Henley Farm Jalla) 
    Spirited, athletic and correct with her mother's 
    exquisite head, Entitain has a bright future as a
    saddlehorse and broodmare.



    "Grand Ridge Dignity"

     b. 2008   Purebred gelding
    Mature 14.3-15hh
  (Entity x Cedarwood
    Lodge Zayan) 

    Gentle natured, beautiful feet, good straight
    legs & short cannons, and lovely huge eye.
    Combining the wonderful endurance lines of
    Royal Domino and Cherokee Mecca.


    "Grand Ridge Impose"

     b. 2008   Purebred gelding   Mature 15.1hh
     to 15.2hh
 (Entity x Nihal Annabella)      
trong bodied, flamboyant and big moving

   "Grand Ridge Silver Shimmer"

     b. 2008    Purebred colt   Mature 15.2hh
    (Entity x Henley Farm Shama) 
    Upstanding, powerful colt with superb legs & feet
    and huge movement. Saturated with superstar
    endurance bloodlines he is destined for greatness,
    with a half brother, and dam's full sister  currently
    competing in the UAE

Sold to Peter Cooke, Imoan Arabians, Kinglake VIC as future endurance prospect and sire.
NB: Pics below taken as a yearling


    "Manna Park Empress"

    b. 2008    Partbred filly
    (Entity x Haylands Maxine)


    "Manna Park Bushfire"

    b. 2007    Purebred colt
    (Entity x Omani Firelight)


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